Sebring Village Association — July — 2015

The Photo Directories Are Here!
Thanks for All Your Efforts!
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“Thank You, Sebring Village!”
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Cirrus Street Dinner
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The Photo Directories Are Here! ~ Neil & Jean Knutson

We have delivered books to permanent residents in the Park, and mailed to residents, who requested. Winter residents: YOUR books will be waiting for you when you return to your winter home.

Hopefully we didn't miss anyone. If so please call: Jean/ Neil 863-658-2559, thank you for your time and support.

Thanks for All Your Efforts!

I know I speak for everyone in the Park who has received the Photo Directory, a loud and appreciative “THANKS!” to Jean, & Neil Knutson, and Laurel Babb. This has been overdue since 2007, when the last directory was done. It was a hard task that no one wanted to take on. Thanks to them, we’ll be able to attach names with faces!

Message from Maureen ~ Park Manager Maureen Stephens

Happy July! Hope you survived all the rain... Unfortunately, all the water not only waters our flowers and lawns, it also waters weeds and encourages mold. Please stay on top of it. If you are responsible for someone else's lawn, in addition to your own, please take care of it. Thanks.

A reminder about driving golf carts around the Park. Children under 16 are not allowed to ever drive a golf cart, and everyone must obey the stop signs and always look, before pulling out onto the road. There are also a number of people in cars who are speeding and going through stop signs. Please do not go over 15 mph, and stop and look at all stop signs. Also, please do not park cars or golf carts on the lawns (the only exception is at the Clubhouse when the lots are full). Have fun. See you around the Park!

Benevolences ~ Betty Replogle

A sympathy card was sent to Sharon Hoffman, whose mother passed away.

Rose Klimas continues in rehabilitation.

Coffee Tyme ~ Rachel, Betty & Helen

We had 16 people for our June 3rd Coffee Tyme. The program was full of information on Estate Planning, and how the law differs from state to state. I'm thinking it would be a GOOD idea to have them return, when all our folks are back from up North.

Our next COFFEE TYME will be July 1st. If you haven’t signed the sheet, PLEASE DO SO. The sign-up sheet is in the Clubhouse. We need to know, so we know how many donuts to buy.

DON'T FORGET — Summertime Coffee is the FIRST Friday of the month ONLY, when the nurses are here. So stay well, and we hope to see you on July 1st.

“Thank You, Sebring Village!”

Thank you, Sebring Village. I would like to thank all of you for all the love and support you have given me. So many of you have, again, have gone the extra mile. I can't do all this without all the help you are so willing to give to me. Thank you for the cards, calls, and prayers. “It takes a Village,” it is said. Sebring Village, you have proven that it's true. ~ Thank you, Jan Schrage

JULIET’s Luncheon ~ Becky Moore

The JULIET's Luncheon was enjoyed by seventeen ladies at the “Sebring Diner,” Thursday, June 9th.

We had two guests attend: Susan Holycross and LaVonne Francis. Thank you for joining us! Everyone enjoyed visiting with each other and catching up. A Gift Certificate for $10.00 from “The Diner,” was won by Betty Green --Congratulations, Betty!!

“The Diner” was rather busy and noisy, so we each said our own prayer before eating. A special prayer was said for Glenda, as she was having her heart catherization done and could not attend. We will be looking for her at our next luncheon.

Our next “JULIETs Luncheon” will be July 14th at 12 noon, at “Dee’s Place” on Ridgewood Dr., in Sebring. Please remember to sign your name and your guest's name (if any) on the sign-up sheet on the Bulletin Board in the Clubhouse. Please try to have your name on the list by the Tuesday before the luncheon (July 12). Please call if you need a ride, or be at the Clubhouse at 11:30.

And finally, I would like to thank the ladies for attending our luncheon and for a helping hand when needed.

ROMEO’s ~ John Arata

ROMEO’s is held the third Wednesday of every month. ROMEO’s will be going to “Blue Lagoon,” at Noon on Wednesday, July 20th.

Be sure to sign on the sign-up sheet on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board, which will be taken down on Monday the 18th. Please call if you need a ride, or meet at the Clubhouse at 11:30. Call John Arata (863-385-0885).

Cirrus Street Dinner ~ Pete Mezza

The Cirrus Street Dinner for June 16th was at the “Olive Garden.” On July 21st, the Cirrus Street Dinner will be at the “COWPOKES Watering Hole,” located at 6813 US 27 South. Please arrive by 4:45 p.m.

Singles & Friends ~ Leslie Maschue

Singles and friends, keep your eyes on the Bulletin Board for the latest plans. Be sure to sign up and show up. Since we are a smaller group in the summer, we can try smaller venues. Let me know if you have a suggestion. Also we may visit places that do not take reservations. If this happens, I will try to arrive early to get us on the wait list. So a bit of patience may be required. Have a great summer.


July Events

“4th of July Party”
Monday, - 3 p.m.

Free Event”

Coordinated by
Kathy Nowacki and Glenda Gibson

Come one, come all, to our 4th of July Celebration! We are going to provide hot dogs with all the fixings, and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. This is a pot-luck dinner, so please bring a dish to pass. We have a great game planned for your laughing pleasure, so we are asking all to bring a wrapped gift, and please do not spend anymore than $5.00. This is going to be great fun!! A sign-up sheet will be on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board, so that we have an idea of how many will be attending. Fasten your seat-belts for a great time!

A New Event!

“High Tea”
Tuesday, July 12th at NOON
$3.00 Members
$4.00 Non-Members

Ladies and Gentlemen , come dressed UP or dressed DOWN, Fancy Hats or no hats!

Menu: Assorted sandwiches, desserts, fruit cups, Teas and Coffee, etc.

A Sign-up Sheet is on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board.

Tickets will be sold at other Summer Events, prior to July 12th, or call 863-658-2559 (Jean or Neil).

“Hawaiian Luau”

Saturday July 23rd
3 p.m.
$2.00 members and

$3.00 non-members

Coordinated by Sue Cronin and Company

Bring a dish to pass and the Summer Committee will provide Sweet & Sour Chicken, and don't be surprised if some pina coladas end up in front of you.

Dress in your best Hawaiian shirts and outfits. Grass skirts are optional, but please leave your grass-eating goats at home. As always be assured you will have a fun-filled day. We might even play your favorite game. So come on down to the Clubhouse and sign on the sign-up sheet and pick up your tickets on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.


Father’s Day Brunch ~ Suellen Jones

Approximately 30 people attended a brunch of Pancakes and Sausage or Biscuits, Sausage and Gravy.

Thanks to the whole team of biscuit makers, pancake flippers, gravy mixers, fruit cutters, tea and coffee makers, pots & pans washers, clean-up crew, trash dumpers, ticket sellers, organizers, game hosts, theme setters (decorators), sign makers, Prayer leader, hostess, grocery getters, and more. Thank you, Jan & Joe Tomesso, Jean & Neil Knutson, Jan Uncaper, Leslie Lyns, Norma Brown, Walt D’Alessandris, Sue Cronin, and Angie Warchak. If I forgot anyone, I am truly, truly sorry. You know what you did, and I appreciate all… thank you very much.

Here is hoping that everyone had a goodtime, until I see you around the Park.

Bean Bag Baseball ~ Sue Cronin

This game is sure turning out to be one of the best games we have had, and everyone is enjoying the fun. So, come on down to the Clubhouse every Sunday night at 7 p.m., and join in; and try to get on Kay Kelly's team — she is unstoppable! Boy, that lady just can't miss!

Euchre ~ Rachel Ward

Euchre is on Tuesdays, at 1 p.m. I have had several people ask me why we can't start playing cards before October. If any of you are interested, please call me, 863-658-2795. If I'm not here, leave a message. I will be gone the month of July. Hope to hear from you.

Euchre ~ Glenda Gibson

Euchre is also every Wednesday, at 7 p.m. For more information, please call 863-386-0499.

Pepper/Bid Euchre ~ Jean & Neil Knutson

Everyone welcome!! Games every Tuesday, at 6 p.m. Anyone wanting to learn, please give Jean and Neil a call!! (658-2559). This event will continue all Summer.

Pinochle ~ Pete Mezza

For the past several weeks, pinochle attendance was three persons. I would like to see more players. All level of players are welcome. Those who wish to learn can attend any night that pinochle is played. Pinochle is played Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, starting, at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call Pete at 414-2110 or 382-1280.

Other Year-Round Activities Continue:

To any new residents, you will find that our Clubhouse is abuzz with activity every day of the week. Some Year-Round Activities continue through the Summer on an attendance basis:

Sunday Activities: Hoss Collar, Poker, Pinochle Bean Bag Baseball, Hand & Foot, Pickleball

Monday Activities: Water Aerobics, & Exercise, Golf, Knitting & Crocheting, Poker, Bridge, Hand & Foot

Tuesday Activities: Water Aerobics, Shuffleboard, Pickleball, Hand & Foot, Euchre, Pepper/Euchre

Wednesday Activities: Water Aerobics & Exercise, Pickleball, Shuffleboard, Golf, Bunco, Pinochle, Hand & Foot

Thursday Activities: Water Aerobics, Pickleball, Shuffleboard, Pepper, Hand & Foot, Village Stitchers, Poker, Bingo, Billiards

Friday Activities: Water Aerobics & Exercise, Bowling, Golf, Pickleball, Pinochle, Hand & Foot

Saturday Activities: Water Aerobics, Pickleball, Hand & Foot


New Owners

Faupel, Patricia
206 Cetra Street
Home State - PA

George, Jim & Barbara
 113 DeWitt Street
Home State - GA
Bought Tony Comidica’s Home

Mathesison, Diane
809 Villlage Drive
Home State - PA

Phone Directory Changes & Updates ~ Kathy Bonkoski

Please notify Kathy Bonkoski at 863-658-1951 or with any changes to your phone number, northern address, or email, so that up-to-date information for the Phone Directory can be maintained for all Sebring Village residents. Thank you.

The biggest lie I tell myself is...
“I don't need to write that down,
I'll remember it”…

From the Editor ~ Barb Gephart

If you have information you would like included in the Bits & Pieces, please call or e-mail, by the 15th of the month. Call 863-385-0137 or email me at

To our new residents who might not know, this paper is printed every month and is delivered to your door. If your paper is not delivered, your carrier may be on vacation, or you may not have a carrier for the season. (If you would like to volunteer, please contact me.) In the event your paper is not delivered, extras are taken to the Clubhouse, and you may pick one up there. It can also be read on your computer at You will also find photos of Park activities on the site, which is created and maintained by resident Walter Moore.

If you don’t have a computer or are not sure of what you want to write, we can compose it together, or you can bring it to my home (or place under our back doormat). Do not leave any information for me at the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Bulletin Boards: All “Coming Events,” Association, and Corporation information, Golf, Bowling, Coffee Tyme, Luncheon, and Dinner Sign-up Sheets and other information as it relates to activities and residents of Sebring Village, are located in the hallway of the Clubhouse. Please check these often for updates.

Outside Bulletin Boards: There are Bulletin Boards on the Mailbox Building for all “Classified Ads” such as rentals, sale items, services, etc. Ads should be on 3 X 5 cards with posting date. In addition, information for events or activities outside of Sebring Village can also be posted.

Change of Plans ~ Barb Gephart

Well, our plans did change, to say the least… We didn’t take off for our West trip, as we had planned…We had roadblocks: Uncooperative weather, timing, and health issues. So our trip is on hold until the fall, if the Lord so allows. However, we are grateful that we were spared some pretty terrible weather experience riding through Oklahoma and Texas in late May.